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Offering the most competitive rates and fees

  • Budgets are tight As a fellow small business, we understand the challenges to keeping costs under control so this is why we make sure we keep our rates competitive and affordable.
  • You have many choices We know that you have the option of choosing to keep your medical billing in-house or even choose a competitor of ours. Once you choose ABC, you will not be disappointed.
  • The Billing Service you keep ABC will personalize our services to meet your needs. Our first-rate performance has allowed us to retain clients over 15 years!

How our solutions are different

  • 01. Access and use of our software, including patient scheduling
  • 02. Reduce employee expenses (vacation, sick pay, insurance, etc.)
  • 03. No expensive software purchases or upgrades
  • 04. No cash flow interruptions due to staff turnover
  • 05. No employee training and continuing education costs
  • 06. 24/7 access to your patient and financial data
  • 07. Experienced Billing and Coding
  • 08. Eliminate billing phone calls
  • 09. Reduce payer denials
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